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Jeep Air Intakes & Filters

Your Jeep can take you practically anywhere you want to go. Whether you use your rig for city driving or opt for making your own paths through the countryside, you want your 4X4’s engine to have a steady supply of clean air. If it doesn’t, both your vehicle’s performance and your off-road experience suffer. The 4WD Jeep parts store features the Jeep air intakes and filters you need to maintain, repair, or upgrade your rig. Order brands you already trust, such as K&N, aFe, and Genuine Packages. Rely on our selection and expertise to get the most out of your Jeep’s engine.


Jeep Performance Chips & Power Programmers

You depend on your Jeep to deliver top performance and exceptional power exactly when you need it. If your off-road vehicle is coming up short, check out the selection of Jeep performance chips and power programmers at 4WD.com. These components can improve your rig’s power by enhancing fuel economy and upping torque. It isn’t difficult to turn your 4X4 into a beast when your order from industry-leading brands, such as Banks Power or Bully Dog. Instead of leaving your next off-road adventure to chance, choose the right Jeep aftermarket parts from our Jeep store.


Jeep Driveline & Differential

Creeping through canyons and hauling over hills can cause your Jeep’s driveline and differential to work overtime. If you ignore the warning signs of a failing undercarriage, you could be in for some serious trouble. Fortunately, when you order from 4WD.com, you don’t have to worry about your vehicle or your off-road experience. With the top brands in the Jeep parts world, we are sure we have the driveline and differential parts you need to dominate on the trail. Choose from Trail Gear, Poison Spyder, ARB and other manufacturers you already know and trust.


Jeep Exhaust

Your Jeep’s exhaust system is critical in helping its engine deliver an exceptional, high-performance ride. If something is amiss, you may not have the power you need to overcome off-road obstacles. As such, when you are looking for the right Jeep off-road parts for your vehicle, don’t forget to shop for the components you need to keep your rig’s exhaust system in tip-top shape. Here at 4WD.com, our Jeep parts catalog includes the top names in the 4X4 industry. Select from BorlaMagnaFlowFlowmaster and other well-known manufacturers. With our inventory of Jeep Wrangler parts, we are proud to help you control the trail.


Popular Performance Brands

Because you live for off-roading, your Jeep’s power and performance capabilities are always on your mind. That makes sense, since you need ultimate performance to dominate on both the road and trail. To keep your rig running right, 4WD.com has you covered. We proudly carry the most popular performance brands in the 4X4 industry. Choose from well-known manufacturers, such as Bully Dog, Rubicon Express, Magnaflow and others. With our huge inventory of Jeep parts and Jeep accessories, you don’t have to wait to improve torque, boost horsepower or increase fuel efficiency.


Performance Articles & Buying Guides

As you probably know, to control the trail and dominate off-road, your rig must have optimal torque, power and performance. Choosing the right Jeep aftermarket parts to encourage your rig to run optimally, however, can be somewhat of a mystery. You don’t have to be confused when you order from 4WD.com. Our selection of performance articles and buying guides gives you the information you need to increase your 4X4 off-road capabilities. For more help, talk with one of our customer support professionals. With our considerable expertise and huge Jeep parts catalog, you don’t have to put up with an under-performing off-roader.