Amputee Store

Prosthetic Socks & Textiles Looking to adjust the fit and comfort of your prosthesis? A prosthetic sock & sheath is an easy and affordable way to maintain fit, wick sweat & relieve pressure. If you have a favorite brand, all you need to do is browse through our large collection of Knit-Rite, Silipos, Ossur, Comfort & others to find the ideal option for your prosthesis.  Read our Prosthetic Textile Guide.
If you’re in search of a Skin Protectant to relieve any friction hot spots or need to solve a sweating issue to stay comfortable be sure to check out our large selection of Personal Care & Equipment prosthetic products.  Read our Personal Care Guide. Personal Care & Equipment
Great prosthetic suspension plays so many vital roles from protecting your skin against pistoning, altering your perception of weight to creating an intimate & secure bond. In our store, you’ll discover prosthetic suspension sleeves in gel, silicone & neoprene, which makes it easy matching a sleeve to your current requirements.  We offer a wide selection of Donning Aids, Prosthetic Liners, and accessories like drying liner stands, fitting lotions & lubricants.  Read our Suspension Guide.
Gel Solutions