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AnaiseValcourMz. Inez, creator of Anaise Valcour Designs who believes “Fashion Belongs To You” has been using her GOD-given talent to sew and design for over 45 years starting with the 8th grade Home Economics class. Working with what she had, her mother made clothes for their five children and so Mz. Inez became a piece of her mother’s historical cloth. With a passion for fashion – a real MATERIAL GIRL, Mz. Inez is a person of old age style with new age twists. Never having been “formally trained”, she will seek out ways to incorporate the new and the old. Having internet access for the “new” ideas, she still turns to the old way – believing them to be called “Sewing Books” for some of the more refined ways to create designs with that high quality finish and haute couture fashion. Why the name Anaise Valcour? Mz. Inez is continuing the legacy of her history by paying homage to her grandmother. A name of beauty, elegance, class and style.

 Her endeavors were not achieved on her own. She constantly states, “Team Work makes the Dream Work”. Living in Tampa, Florida, for the past 10 years has opened up avenues which she could never imagine, but only dream of. Mz. Inez has been published in following magazines: Tampa-based Boss Magazine,  Elegant,  SKORCH  and the latest accomplishment in were showcased in a few 7ROAR Magazines

 With a number of local fashion shows under her belt, she, Unquely Urs Talent Team (Mz. Dee Soul and Varachati Chatman – Runway G.U.R.U.), and M*O*R*E* (Models Of Rare Essence) will be gracing the runways in Tampa and the Central Florida area as well as two shows in Atlanta, Georgia: in June and in July and Las Vegas, Nevada in April 2017.

 Within the next couple of years, Mz. Inez would like to be able to open a sewing school to teach some simple beginner sewing skills to upcoming designers add to  those who are interested no matter what the age.


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