How To Choose A Wig by Face Shape

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More and more women are starting to wear wigs as a fashion accessory. What’s not to love about jazzing up your look, long hair one day; a perky bob cut the next? Some women go for a wig color and style that mirrors their natural hair while others go the more adventurous route, opting for a different hair color or style on any given day. The possibilities are endless however if you want to learn how to select a fine wig that will really suit you and make you beautiful there are a few things you should consider. Sometimes, it can be helpful to consult with a beauty salon professional to ask some questions about the different types of wigs but you can also choose a wig on your own.
Before making your final choice of a wig, closely examine your own appearance and its main features, consider the shape of your face.
Firstly, determine what type of face you have. Uncover your face and hair growth line: tie your hair to the back or at the top of your head. Come to a mirror and look at your face attentively. You can even draw your face’s line on the mirror.
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The main shapes of a face:
Oval face

Oval face’s length is approximately one and a half times its width. Oval-shaped faces are considered the perfect facial shape and can handle a variety of wig styles. Correction of the face with hair should be aimed at creating the illusion of an oval. If you want to emphasize the oval shape of the face, tie your hair to the back or at the top of the head. You can also wear a short curly hair wig or a long straight hair wig with a parting in the center. Although if you have a low forehead, the latter hairstyle will not fit, as well as hairstyles with straight fringes. These celebrities have an oval face: Selma Hayek, Julianne Moore, Kate Middleton, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Connelly, Sharon Stone, Beyonce.

Round face

A round face has a wide front hairline and full cheeks. If you want to narrow your face visually, you should wear short hair wigs with longer front hair that hides cheeks. Round-shaped faces look best with a wig that has an off-center part that draws the eye to one side of the facial area and tousled side bangs instead of bangs that are severely cut and flat across the forehead. Women with round faces should not wear lush hairdos covering ears and foreheads. The hair should slightly frame their cheeks or be completely set back. Fashionably backcombed hair will visually improve the shape of her face.

These celebrities have round faces: Cameron Diaz, Marilyn Monroe, Uma Thurman, Drew Barrymore, Renee Zellweger, Queen Latifah, Vanessa Williams. 
Square face

A square face has a square jaw and forehead. Their width is almost the same. This face also has a full hairline and chin.
To visually soften the edges of the square face and make it look oval, it is highly recommended to concentrate the maximum amount of hair between the temples and jaw. Make sure to frequently use curlers, blow dry your hair upside down, or apply a diffuser to the dryer. A very short and straight hairstyle is not an option for a square face. These celebrities have square faces: Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Demi Moore, Lucy Liu, Natalie Portman, Ema Bunton, Geena Davis, Keira Knightley.

Oblong face (rectangular)

The oblong face looks long, its jaw and forehead’s width are almost the same. It is more round than square face type. While choosing a wig for an oblong face, you should opt for wigs that would provide width to your face. The tips of your hair should reach the chin. Avoid long hair or a haircut when the hair ends above your chin.
These celebrities have an oblong face: Claudia Schiffer, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Terri Hatcher, Hilary Swank, Liv Tyler, Kim Kardashian, Meryl Streep, Cortney Cox, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts.
Triangle face (pear-shaped)
Such a face has a narrow forehead and a broad chin.
To make a pear-shaped face visually look oval, you should go for a great hairdo while creating significant hair volumes in the temple area. To disguise the small forehead use a fringe. Do not use hairstyles that broaden underneath, as well as ample buns. These celebrities have triangle face: Bette Midler, Minnie Driver, Kathy Ireland.     
Heart-shaped face 

The main features of this type of face are a broad forehead and a narrow chin line.  
Heart-shaped faces look great with bob cuts, and oblong-shaped faces are complimented by short to medium hair lengths with a bit of fullness around the face.  
Avoid large hair volumes at the temples, whereas the chin should be framed by the hair with curled tips. These celebrities have heart-shaped faces: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Aniston, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Eva Longoria, Naomi Campbell, Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, Audrey Tautou.
Diamond-shaped face

A narrow forehead, very prominent cheekbones, and a small chin are the distinctive features of this type.  
Women with this sort of face should increase the splendor of hair in the jaw and forehead area, or style their hair tightly along the cheekbones.  
Avoid large volume hair at the sides and at the top of ahead.
These celebrities have diamond-shaped faces: Jennifer Lopez, Christy Turlington, Elizabeth Hurley, Sophia Loren, Madonna. 
If no one of these faces shapes is yours, maybe you have a mixed face type. Choose a wig that you like and follow recommendations – visually widen or narrow, lengthen or shorten, hide or reveal particular parts of your face.
Before buying a wig, find out if its hairstyle can be changed – straightened, curled, etc.