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The Consulting Room established in 2013  by Sherryn  Frazier, is located in the heart of Yakima, WA. The Consulting Room provides a safe and nurturing environment for tumor and Cancer patients  and women losing their hair, to learn about wigs, weaves, and braids. We pride ourselves in offering budget-friendly items to our valued clients. Our beautiful and premium hairpieces greatly empower our tumor and cancer patients and women losing hair.

Patients who can make the trip to The Consulting Room in Yakima, WA, can have a profile built and learn the ins and outs of the wig and hair selection process. Those patients who are unable to make it on location can call in for their consultation and complete a profile.112478350

Wig and Cosmetics Consultation
The Consultation Room offers, Wigs, Weave, Braids and Cosmetics. Sherryn is a Wig and Cosmetic Consultant. Cosmetics, apparel, and jewelry are her first love, and wigs are a close second. Sherry a tumor patient herself understands first hand that hair loss is one of the hardest things to experience.  She enjoys being a consultant, and finds a great deal of pleasure in helping others to choose the right wigs for their face, shape, and comfort. Serving tumor and cancer ‘sisters’ in this manner, she believes help to restore their life and confidence.

110098759_scaled_511x509The Consulting Room in Yakima, WA continues to grow. In the early stages, Sherry realize the challenges in finding the right wigs, etc. In 2013 The Consulting Room formed and Affiliate Partnership with Amazon to set up four wig stores online. We are now partnered with providing a wider reach and online shopping experience for our clients. Portion of the proceeds from The Mall will go toward bringing well needed activities and services back to our communities and youth.

Since its inception, the goal of The Consulting Room has been to build a salon for tumor and cancer patients. The salon is near completion. We are now in the process of stocking it with wigs, and we should be off and run!

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