Below are all the companies owned by people of color

  is in the Afrocentric department.


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CrownMe Coil Care


Armando Cabral





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Fear of God

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HGC Apparel

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Silk Blouse






MADE Leather



Mifland : A Leather Goods Company

Fe Noel

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ohsopaperSorority Row 1908 Notebook


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Pyer Moss

Romeo Hunte New York

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Sweets In A Jar

Trinity Hills Co. Handmade mens grooming products. Beard Oils,Beard balms, all natural,soap, shampoo bars, wet shaving, shaving soap, straight razors, shaving brush, beard comb, beard brush, beard care, beard growth, black owned, small business, lip balms

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Tribal African in Traditional Ethnic Fashion Dress Portrait Glamour Graphic Duvet Cover Set, Women's Suits, Dresses, For Church & Special Occasions



Zaaf Collection


CrownMe Coil Care








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