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Over 40 years and specialize in difficult and hard to handle pets. I don’t back down and love working with those who are fearful. It is all about the pets and my prices low and affordable for all. (Only Yakima County) you are welcome to ask for suggestion or question no matter where you live nationwide 
I believe life is what you make of it, not what it makes of you! My name is DeEtte Wood, I am 51 years of age, born in Seattle and reside in Yakima County. I turned to understand animals when I was 7 years old. As a victim of child abuse, my an abuser’s dog was my sanctuary, a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mixed. He was never cared for, shaved once a year and stank as he grew older. As a way to be left alone, I would sit in the middle of the kitchen floor brushing and combing his hair. This would please everyone and I knew I would be safe for at least the rest of the day.
I learned how to gently relax a dog, coax them into laying down, if needed. At 9 I lived in California with my birth mother, I was permitted to do side jobs to earn money. I was given 1 bottle of Hertz Dog Shampoo and I set out to bathe the neighbors’ dogs for $5.00. I learned how to hold large dogs, keep them calm, and accept their bath. I received returning customers and gained a decent cash flow for a child of my age.
At the age of 12 I moved back to Seattle, my father divorced my abuser and permitted me to bring clients home to groom in the basement of our family home. When I didn’t have a client, I would spend hours at the West Seattle Pet Store watching the groomer create some beautiful pets and became fascinated when she would bring in her show poodles for grooming. She taught me how to properly bathe pets, introduced me to Kelco Products, and various patterns required for each breed of dog and how to capture the best look for mixed breeds.
Since then, I raised, bred, trained and showed Cocker Spaniels for my dad and my own German Shepherd Dogs, prepped clients show dogs and maintained grooming shops for other people. I have studied every reason a dog would display negative behavior, breed characteristics of each breed type, digestive causes, and skin conditions related to food and environmental factors. I understand the need for proper care, socialization and basic obedience needed for proper mental stimulation and reversing negative behavior.
My experience did not stop with just dogs, I learned the proper foot care of pigs, goats, and donkeys. I have worked with proper teeth trimming of rats, beaks, wing, and nail trimming on birds, and care of amphibians and reptiles. Proper fish and tank care of tropical, cold water, brackish and cichlid fish.
I offer this experience to pet owners who normally would not have access without paying substantial professional costs. From grooming tips, breed specific temperament or training problems, pet safe home remedies, or emergency treatment tips until a veterinarian can be reached.
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Phone -number for appointments – Mike 509-902-4538

Phone- Pet care consultations – DeEtte 509-910-8889