Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

Doitallinthemall.com, online shopping, has partnered with over 5000 of your favorite stores and businesses, nationwide, to help make a difference in our communities. A percentage of every customer purchase and our commission goes back into our communities to provide various services for those in need.

Proceeds from purchases made on www.doitallinthemall.com stores are funneled back into the community through Senior feeding and youth programs, utility assistance and rides to medical appointments. We also assist seniors and disabled in signing up for home delivery service.

The Lead Team Members at doitallinthemall /and community-based organizations are committed to working together to promote entrepreneurship, and active citizenship by creating special programs geared to link community geographically close together to the appropriate funding programs.

All of the shops advertised on our sites have partnered with us by donating a portion of all commissions earned from your purchase. We are 5000 stores and businesses strong and growing. Support business that gives back to the community while at the same time, providing you the ease and convenience of shopping from home.