TNJ Distribution Gluten Free/sugar-free Food

TNJ Distribution 

Gluten Free/sugar-free Foods

Hi I’m Bonnie with TNJ Distribution and I’m glad you found me

I am representing the new soft cookies, free from gluten – sugar- Dairy – nut – soy – carbs- wheat – peanut- tree nut- eggs soy – fish – shellfish – casin- sesame- sulfites- potato vegan – friendly
 I have been a Nurse for over 20  years I’m also diabetic
Finally, there’s a cookie that tastes good and good for you
I Understand the importance of Eating Healthy
and monitoring your carbohydrate intake
so as stated above these delicious treats
are not only gluten free but sugar-free as well
To learn more about these wonderful cookies be sure to fill out the contact form

Picture And Prices will be emailed to you 

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Thanks, Bonnie Romero



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